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Resolving Family Conflict - 1608 Words

Families provide people with an atmosphere in which to live, grow, and develop. A family culture is established by the parents and instilled in the children during their upbringing. A healthy family is a family which follows a set of strong morals, stays loyal to one another, cooperates, and works together to avoid conflict. An environment where there is openness amongst family members is ideal because minds that are open are more susceptible to avoiding conflict than minds that are closed. If conflict gets the best of a family, it has the potential to increase hostility and create remoteness between family members, however, if a family resolves conflict, it can strengthen and enforce the family relationships. A family must establish†¦show more content†¦Willy was unwilling to talk with Biff about the affair incident that Willy created his own reasons for why Biff did not get along with him. Willy insisted that Biff was spiting him, but in reality, Biff had already come to accept the fact that his father was not perfect and that spiting him had worn off as a motive for retribution. It was not until the end of the play that Willy and Biff reconciled after they finally talked about their differences and their love for each other. It turned out, all they needed to do was just talk to each other, instead of fighting and refusing to confront one another. A family should be willing to take risks and confront problems that pose as conflicts. Confronting every single issue is not healthy, but confronting those issues that significantly bother family members should be considered. Linda was an emotionally weak character who was unable to confront Willy about his thoughts of committing suicide. She was afraid of what might happen if he found out that she knew that he was emotionally unstable. Psychologically, she was powerless to talk him out of the state he was in, so each day she tried to sweep the problem under the rug, hoping that it would magicall y go away. Unfortunately, there came the day when she could no longer sweep the problem under the rug and Willy succeeded in killing himself because there was no one with whom he could openly discuss his problems. Willy buried many of his problems deepShow MoreRelatedConflict and Omagh Essay1053 Words   |  5 PagesCONFLICT AND OMAGH ESSAY Conflict is an inevitable occurrence that occurs throughout all woks of life and its effect expand far beyond the individual person and pose a significant impact on the wider community. Conflicts can be as small as a disagreement with friends or family or as big as a bombing or war. Conflict can be expressed as a fight or struggle due to a clash between people with opposing beliefs or interests. Conflict occurs in social settings and has a great impact on a persons dailyRead MoreMediation Theory Essays : Mediation Theories1727 Words   |  7 PagesTheory Essays There are three ways a conflict can be resolved. The first way to resolve conflict involves the ability to influence another person, this is called resolving through power. When someone exhorts power, this means the other person has influences that can lead to forced submissions. For example, my friend, this weekend exhorted power over his son when he did not want to listen and decided to discipline him. My friend resolution to the conflict was to exhibit violence, as he decided toRead MoreConflict Between Conflict And Conflict1700 Words   |  7 Pagesno single, precise definition of the word conflict. However, most people recognize conflict in the forms of tension, frustration, verbal or physical abuse, disagreement, annoyance, or rivalry (Carter and Byrnes, 2006). Conflict can occur when two or more individuals or groups have differing interests. Additionally, conflict often involves one or both sides determinedly interfering with the efforts of the other side to achieve its goals. However, conflict can occur when two sides are trying to cooperateRead MoreWorking Partnership Essay615 Words   |  3 Pagesinclude Carers, Families, Advocates and other people who are sometimes called â€Å"Significant Others†. In order to work well in partnership, there has to be good communication therefore you will need to have good communication skills. Other people may be able to provide useful information to support you in your work, and you may be able to find useful information to support them in being part of the individual’s life. An example might be if there are communication difficulties. A Carer or Family member canRead MoreEssay on unit 206675 Words   |  3 Pages(1.1.2) There are many different relationships in health and social care settings, these include relationships between careers and service users, careers and other health care professionals, such as GP’s and nurses, careers and service users families and between colleagues and managements. For each of these you will develop a different type of working relationship, but you should always remain professional. 3. Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role (2.2Read MoreSusan Glaspell, And Death Of A Salesman793 Words   |  4 PagesOver the year’s man and woman conflict have been a normal part of life. Where there are relationships there will be conflict. Researcher Anna Snyder says â€Å"A critical component of successful male-female relationships is the ability of the couples to handle conflict† (Snyder 10). Resolving conflict, or not can be vital for the fifty-fifty survival rate of marriages. In the two plays, Trifles by Susan Glaspell, and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Both actors have a great background of literatureRead More Essay on Conflict Resolution and Mediation to End School Violence949 Words   |  4 PagesUse of Conflict Resolution and Mediation to End School Violence       Conflict and differences of opinion exist in every healthy organization. Americans need to try to take control of todays youth and the violence that is and has been developing in this country for many years.   Although violence will never be extinct, there are many different ways to reduce violence.   Each school and student population has different ways of dealing with and helping to curb the need for violence in schools. Read MoreThe And Resolve Conflicts Constructively1158 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Emotional Standard: D. Demonstrate an ability to prevent, manage, and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways. 2D.1b. Identify approaches to resolving conflicts constructively. Objective: After discussing feelings and emotions generated by conflict and approaches to resolving conflicts constructively, the student will be able to accurately demonstrate techniques to resolving conflicts constructively. Assessment: I will informally assess the students during two parts of the lessonRead MoreContext and History of Conflict Paper1336 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Context and History of Conflict Paper This essay will discuss the issues between two people, Robert and Denise Patton, along with how these issues affect their two children. To enable an understanding of the problem a summary of the nature and history of the conflict has been given. In addition, a look at the interaction of interests, goals, and the power of each party allows an understanding of each person’s position and role in the conflict as well as personal attempts at resolution of the problemRead MoreAdr Should Be The Prime Method Of Dispute Resolution Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pagesrelation to ONE method of ADR (eg arbitration OR negotiation OR mediation). Conflicts are pervasive and are inevitable at times. Disputes and conflicts often occur in civil, commercial, and institutional matters for various reasons. Significantly, the most vital aspect is how we succeed and subdue those issues by carefully resolving them effectively. Contextually, Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a mode of conflict settlement which provides alternative methods to a resolution of disputes rather

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Poetry Is A Craft, And If An Art - 1833 Words

Poetry, according to Horace in Ars Poetica, is a craft, and if an art can be defined as something that follows a system of convention, then poetry is as he implies. Perhaps poetry is sometimes interpreted as nothing more than linguistic superfluity of an individual s ideas or feelings, rather, subjective expression. However, language itself has form, it has order, consequently, one must manipulate it to project beauty, inspiration, thought, or any other idea, just as one, versed in the language of sculpting, must utilize the hands in a technical and structured way. Horace identifies these rules and conventions, supporting the notion that poetry is indeed an art, and despite the fact that it may be subjective expression in part, poetry as a craft exists and is created within boundaries, yet these boundaries are understood through wisdom. The concept or ars according to Horace is as such: In three ways: as a practiced mastery of a craft, as a systematic knowledge or theory and techniqu e, and as capacity for objective self-criticism (Horace 120). Poetry, as any other art form, has main principles that guide expression. Furthermore, poetry being intended for either instruction or pleasure, does not resolve whether or not poetry is an art, rather, it is determined by its adherence to and mastery of the principles and techniques. Abstract art, some believe is nonsense, there is no order nor logic, therefore it is not art. However, Horace s principles of defining art asShow MoreRelatedEssay about Nature in Robert Frosts Poems1649 Words   |  7 Pagesbecause family members died of illness and disease (Haas 258). As he developed and honed his craft, all the scholarly encounters with philosophers, physicists, and mathematicians helped lay down the foundations of his thoughts on the synonymous relationship of nature and life struggles. In 1930, Frost presented a nature of poetry to Amherst College Alumni Council to communicate how science and poetry utilize ―figurative juxtapositionsâ€â€" to clarify the subtle and intricate philosophy of ―naturalRead MoreEssay On Improving Health And Wellness736 Words   |  3 Pagesincrease CD4+ lymphocyte counts. The CD4+ lymphocyte counts continuously increased over the six month period, while the control group’s CD4+ lymphocyte counts remained stable. Poetry is another form of expressive writing. Various authors describe poetry as a way for people to gain access to their innermost thoughts. Writing poetry can be healing because it allows writers the opportunity for self-expression not otherwise felt through everyday words. All types of creative expression can be utilized inRead MoreComparing Beats, Rhymes Justice753 Words   |  4 Pagesfor the day was to craft poetry and songs to introduce ourselves. As a songwriter in my free time, I was eager to collaborate with the young men. Yet based off my previous experience leading writing sessions outside of prison, I was concerned that the young men would not be willing to fully express themselves. As the day and weeks went on, I became ashamed in the fact that I ever doubted the young men. With simple guidance, encouragement, and collaboration, they created poetry and song lyrics moreRead MoreHow Shakespeare And Rossetti Engage With The Sonnet1241 Words   |  5 PagesShakespeare and Rossetti engage with the sonnet form, through Rossetti’s â€Å"A Sonnet† and Shakespeare’s â€Å"Sonnet 52†. Both poets arguably subvert the traditional Petrarchan sonnet genre, though in different ways. Rossetti’s ‘A Sonnet’ e xplores the sonnet as an art form rather than as a means of currency, as sonnets were seen to be at the time, and how if treated as a commodity, the value of a sonnet is diminished. Similarly, Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 52’ explores the connection between frequency and worth. HoweverRead MoreWilliam Morris : The Impact Of The Arts Movement1273 Words   |  6 Pagesin its own time† To investigate if this was true or not I looked and researched into an Art movement back from the era that had a big impact on nearly everyone and how it changed the style of everything so much. My chosen art movement was the Arts and Crafts movement as well as how the Islamic/Japanese art influenced the work of William Morris; I researched all the key practitioners majorly involved in this arts movement as well as some of the contemporary designers which could’ve possibly took influenceRead MoreDavid and Goiath: The Tale of Poetry738 Words   |  3 PagesDavid and Goliath: Th e Tale of Poetry The utility of poetry has been debated for thousands of years; around 2,500 years ago Plato called for it to be banned for its lack of utility. Plato’s views on poetry were not wrong; looking at it from a purely practical point of view, poetry is not a necessity. It is incomparable to what society considers essential – medicine, technology, leadership. If there were an apocalypse in the future, and we could select only a few people to survive it, the poet wouldRead MoreEdward Hirsch Taught the World to Appreciate Poetry Essay772 Words   |  4 PagesEdward Hirsch taught everyone to love and appreciate poetry to its greatest potential. Born in Chicago on January 20, 1950, he began writing at a young age and his traditional writing style of formal with a small creative twist. He strengthened America Poetry and gave a different view of literary criticism. Like any other eight year old boy, Hirsch loved sports, but he also fell in love with poetry. He found and read a copy of Emily Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s â€Å"Spellbound† and loved it. As a child, he did not readRead MoreSolitude Of A Poet By Emily Dickinson1545 Words   |  7 PagesSeclusion of a Poet A poet, who secluded herself from society for a majority of her life, demonstrated her extensive literary and language skills through her unusual poetry, becoming one of the most recognized and widely studied poet today. Born in December 10, 1886 in Amherst, Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson was one of three children to Edward Dickinson and his wife, Emily Dickinson. According to Pettinger, Dickinson’s roots trace back to her Puritan ancestors from England in the 17th century, whoRead MoreWhite Supremacy And The Jim Crow Laws1369 Words   |  6 Pages Marcus Garvey, Lucy Craft Laney, and Booker T. Washington. These people were psychological influences because African Americans at the time were perceived as finally liberating themselves from a past of self-doubt and surrendering to optimism. They all had a certain attitude about the African American experience as an assortment of possibilities. They proved that African Americans deserved the American Dream as much as a Caucasian American of the time (invida.com). Poetry and writing is a majorRead MoreNeoclassicism And Romanticism1209 Words   |  5 PagesNeoclassicism and romanticism were both heavily influenced in the eighteenth and nineteenth century when it came to the poetry movement. The expression â€Å"Neoclassicism† came from the fact that they were interested in reviving classical forms of art, â€Å"classical† here referring to the art of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The â€Å"Romanticism† in art and literature was a hostile reaction against Neoclassicism, and it emphasizes inspiration, subjectivity, and has an emphasis on emotions and the authority

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Analysis of The Romantic Elements In Sleepy Hollow

In the novel Sleepy Hollow, by Peter Lerangis, several elements of the Romantic period of literature are evident. Themes carry throughout the novel that suggest a strong Romantic influence upon the text. The story is rich in colorful figurative language and contains a spell-binding plot that leaves the reader feeling very satisfied. In the midst of such an enchanting story are the Romantic themes, such as a deep appreciation of nature in conjunction with the condemnation of city life, exaltation of emotion over reason along with the defiance of conventional rules and traditions, and interest in local folk/ethnic culture, while providing the reader with plenty of attention to the supernatural. Each of these elements combines to create a†¦show more content†¦It is ironic that for the duration of the beginning of the novel, Crane refuses to allow anyone to speak of such theoretically impossible tales as the tale of the Headless Horseman. However, after seeing the beast for hims elf, he is pleading with the people of the town that they must believe [him], and that he can assure all of them of the visual contact he made with a horseman. A dead one. Headless!(Lerangis 66). With his newfound faith in the credibility of the legends around the hollow, Ichabod decides that all of the logic and reason he had previously relied on are of no use to him. It is ironic that one night s events have changed his views on reasoning so quickly. Nearing the novel s end, Ichabod burns all of his ledgers and papers that had held his knowledge over the past several years. In doing so, it is apparent that he has accepted the fact that sense and knowledge had betrayed him in Sleepy Hollow(Lerangis 125). Ichabod s sense and knowledge are personified in this passage to show the reader that two ideals which he had held so close to heart and high in regard had proved to be inadequate. This further exaggerates the Romantic ideals of the power of emotion over all reason and logic. Along with this newfound reliance on emotion rather than reason is a defiant quality of all formal rules and traditions. All of the other authoritative figures in New York shunShow MoreRelatedThe Romantic Period Of William Wordsworth, Nathaniel Hawthorne, And Edgar Allen Poe1019 Words   |  5 PagesTitle *In the interest of your time, I strayed away from repeating the story of the works and jumped strain into analysis The Romantic Period, an era described as an expression of emotional exuberance, unrestrained imagination, spontaneity in both art and personal life, enchantment of poetry, and the embracing of the unknown. It is perhaps the rebellious condition of man to accept such liberal ideals in contrast to the conservative threshold of the Catholic Church. The response to the enlightenmentRead MoreSleepy Hollow : Film Analysis : Sleepy Hollow1231 Words   |  5 Pagesand logic work together? This essay will delve into the film Sleepy Hollow, based off the story written by Washington Irving, and directed by the brilliant Tim Burton. Through costume design and utilization of props, director Tim Burton displays a message that humans are not omniscient, when magic and conventional thinking intermix, problems can be resolved; furthermore, it is beneficial for humans to accept their ignorance. In my analysis I will begin investigating the contrasting costume design ofRead MoreThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Summary and Analysis11462 Words   |  46 PagesThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow Summary and Analysis Major Themes Veracity in Storytelling Veracity in storytelling is a defining theme of â€Å"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.† The story is distantly removed from the reader—Crayon has found the story in Diedrich Knickerbocker’s papers, who is dead, and who at the end of the story writes that he heard it from an old gentleman, who claimed to not have even believed half of it himself, ultimately getting much of the story from primary or even other secondaryRead MoreSupernatural in American Fiction Essay2928 Words   |  12 PagesMankind would never submit to this. He will immediately turn to the darkness. Drawn by his own cords of fear and longing, man will imagine that he is tired of the light and his small, familiar world.3 No amount of rationalization... or Freudian analysis can overcome the thrill of the chimney-corner whisper or the lonely wood.4 Why? Children will always be afraid of the dark and men will always shudder at what they do not understand, yet everyone will continue to seek it. Perhaps it is becauseRead MoreMarriage Proposal2834 Words   |  12 PagesSisters (1901) †¢ The Cherry Orchard (1904) Novellas The Shooting Party (1884) †¢ The Steppe (1888) †¢ The Duel (1891) †¢ The Story of an Unknown Man (1893) †¢ Three Years (1895) †¢ My Life (1896) Related articles Chekhovs gun †¢ Analysis of Anton Chechovs play. Plot of courtship of Lomov and neighbors daughter Natalya. Importance of land and money to the characters. Reasons for their constant fighting. Depiction of the rual social system and its relationship to the characters.

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Looking Back Looking Forward free essay sample

In Looking Backward, Edward Bellary argued that one of the most significant problems facing America in 1 887 was the struggle of class and the values that the everyday citizen lived by and portrayed. In the past, everyone looked after himself or herself and did not live selflessly. The view of honor was skewed and people lived for currency rather than their countries and neighbors well being. A sense of equality is never reached like it has been in the utopia of the year 2000 that Bellary portrays.In the year of 1 887 the world was not completely in turmoil but slowly eating in that direction it seemed. A fear of industrial tyranny was sweeping the nation leading to strikes. M/hat should you name as the most prominent feature of the labor troubles your day? Why, the strikes, of course, I replied (pig. 34). In Bellarys current America there were wage strikes breaking out across the country in all industries including the railroads, steel, and car companies. In his current America everything was controlled by entrepreneurs instead of the government so business was cutthroat. The sales keepers and owners primary goal was to sell everything they had no tater the quality but simply to make their money to indulge in their own desires. In a society where wants controls everything it can push people to do dishonorable acts as Julian West was used to while in this utopian society there is not a need for nor is it possible to have these wrongful acts committed upon another. These wrongful acts being dishonest sales, or unfair labor. DRP. Elite explains the fear that the past was enduring. The records of the period show that the outcry against the concentration of capital was furious. Men believed that it threatened society with a form Of warranty more abhorrent than it had ever endured. They believed that the great corporations were preparing for them the yoke of a baser servitude than had ever been imposed on the race, servitude not to men but to soulless machines incapable of any motive but insatiable greed.Looking back, we cannot wonder at their desperation, for certainly humanity was never confronted with a fate more sordid and hideous than would have been the era of corporate tyranny which they anticipated. (pig. 35). Society was in doing what they felt needed to avoid this corporate tyranny. The men and Oman were trying to make things equal and workable. Like changing the workday from 12 hours to 8 hours so the body can relax instead of being in the harsh and dangerous conditions of work then.The work place was not becoming a place of passion but a place of servitude as Bellary says. He then goes further to say that their service is not to themselves or another being, but a machine that in turn feeds a depressing and unsatisfying greed that lives deep in this society. The way the working class was striving for change inspired Bellary to see this new society that was strangely possible. Bellary saw how people were unhappy in certain lines Of work but may have fallen into them not under their control or may have had to do a certain task because the pay was better.The way that people acquired their jobs in the future was through a long testing period and with a large cushion to figure out what one wanted to do in life. The most delicate possible test is needed here, and so we leave the question whether a man shall be a brain or hand worker entirely to him to settle. At the end of the term of three years as a common laborer, which every man must serve, it is for him to choose, in accordance to his natural tastes, whether he will fit himself for an art or profession, or be a farmer or mechanic. (Pig. 47). People had to work common labor for three years first to pay their dues and mature to start figuring out what profession they want to do. This rule I found was very interesting being a college student and having to choose what field of work I want to go in after graduation. These citizens were given time to work and then figure exactly what field they want to venture in and then directly go on that path. In a society based on honor to the nation, it makes a lot more ensue for people to work in their passion to continue to work hard instead of going where the money takes you.Instead of making a decision and then going to learn about Otto proceed, you are placed in work letting your interests blossom. The money system is has been flipped in this new world. Instead of people having currency to accumulate and save or spend to their pleasure, there is, A credit corresponding to his share of the annual product of the nation is given to every citizen on the public books at the beginning of each year, and a reedit card issued him with which he procures at the public storehouses. (Pig. 56-57). Now there is not an incentive to perform more hazardous or extraneous tasks.Now the workforce is fueled by the motivation of honor as if it were an army fighting for their country because ultimately they are fighting for their countries economy. Now that industry of whatever sort is no longer self-service, but service of the nation, patriotism, passion for humanity, impel the worker as in your day they did the soldier. The army Of industry is an army, not alone by virtue of its perfect organization, but by season also of the ardor of self- devotion which animates its members. (Pig. 63). Now people are working hard because they want to, not because they have to or because it is needed for a promotion.Although there are promotions and a ranking system they are not as appealing as when wages were increased and working conditions improved. The concept of shipping and moving goods from the place of purchase to the buyers home has also significantly changed. Instead of the consumer paying a moving service or manually transporting their goods home, there is tube system, which connects and ships everything. The village sample shops are connected by transmitters with the central county warehouse, which may be twenty miles away.The transmission is so swift, though, that the time lost on the way is trifling. But, to save expense, in many counties one set of tubes connect several villages with the warehouse (pig. 70). This faction was compounded with the fact that everything that was available was at one convenient store. Julian West states, The loss of time in going from shop to shop was indeed a waste which the busy bitterly complained of, I aid; but as for the ladies of the idle class, though they complained also, I think the system was really a godsend by furnishing a device to kill time. (Pig 65). Now there was more time for all citizens to be more productive and efficient in their own every day lives since a lot of the medial time consuming tasks have been taken. Our washing is all done at public laundries at excessively cheap rates, and our cooking at public kitchens. The making and repairing of all we wear are done outside in public shops. Electricity, of course, takes the place of all fires and lighting. We choose houses no larger than we need, and furnish them so as to involve the minimum of trouble to keep them in order.We have no use for domestic servants. (Pig 77). This takes a lot of the every day stress of living off the shoulders of citizens allowing for a happier society overall. Belays Looking Backward can be looked at as a historical reference. Julian West point of view was Bellary in a way speaking from the past to us in the present now. His references when he makes comparisons are valuable and credible because he knew what was happening in his current time.The way to interrogate the writings historical facts, one could cross-reference every comparison that West makes with his time and his future. Do not feel that this could be looked at as a primary document because in truth the book is a science fiction novel so any of the words in the book can be skewed to fit what Bellary wanted to get across. I do not think living in Belays future world would be to my liking. I believe that people should be rewarded in stride with the work they put in. I do not think a doctor and cashier should make the same wages. The more knowledge based tasks or more difficult tasks should be rewarded accordingly. I think the tube system is a really good and cool concept. Just like the fact of things shooting through tubes from destination to another like the television show The Stetsons. The ideas that have came to pass in some ways are like the stores where you can buy everything and the concept of limiting the distance for consumers to venture out and purchase items. There are stores today like wall-mart or Cost that literally have everything that one would need while shopping.I think that the world Bellary described was better than his current living conditions because he was living in a time of turmoil. A time where strikes were sweeping the nation and many people were not happy. Concerns were based on greed instead the well being of society. He lived in a time where the sickly and poor ran rampant but in the utopian society it was rare for these occurrences. For Bellary it was almost a fantasy from the place he called home. He believed that his reform and social reconstruction could lead America away from a time Of chaos fueled by greed.

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Live Online Training Hear It From People Who Experienced It

Live Online Training: Hear It From People Who Experienced It With our Designing Semantic Technology Proof-of-Concept: The live online training that will help you deliver a successful project  approaching, we thought you would like to hear what people who already attended it in December and February thought about it.Just to remind you briefly, this time we have 3 price packages: for business, academic staff and groups of over 3 people.The training is well suited for product managers, system architects, developers and academic researchers and during the live sessions our experts will take you through the basics of semantic technology in order to help you build a successful PoC with it.How did the previous group like it? Here is what some of them shared. The training is overall very helpful to get me familiar with GraphDB quickly. The training can help me understand important semantic web and ontology concepts and knowledge, and understand how to utilize and implement the knowledge in GraphDB. The two pre-webinar training introduces semantic web knowledge and then gave me the chance to tackle 12 exercises to get familiar with the learned knowledge. The pre-training helps build a solid foundation for using GraphDB and the webinar. The webinar is very good to introduce OntoRefine for batch generating triples to be inserted into GraphDB, and query the data to get insight. Then an exercise is asking the participants to carry out a similar task. The webinar is overall helpful to get me started with real world tasks. I think that a justification of why to use OntoRefine would be good. It would be helpful to cover other real world tasks for inserting and updating data. Are there other tools for doing these tasks? I would also like to know h ow to maintain the data consistency and integrity, how to find and deal with bad or inconsistent data, and how to measure the quality of data etc. An introduction to connectors would also be helpful. Overall, many thanks for your training!Mithun K.M., Project Lead, Impelsys Designing Semantic Technology PoC with GraphDB Training was conducted on Dec 13, 2016. It was a detailed session covering various features of GraphDB. It also included few hands-on exercises on SPARQL queries. Session was detailed and had enough time to try out exercises during the session.We also got practical exposure of RDFizing the data and importing it to GraphDB repository using OntoRefine tool, this tool is used for converting tabular data into RDF and has been integrated with GraphDB 8.The pre-training materials were very useful in understanding the basic concepts of the ontology world.I would recommend this session to anyone who is looking for practical exposure to Semantics, ontologies, RDFizing the data and building of Data sets.Sreejith K, Team Lead, ImpelsysWe had undergone an excellent training on introduction to semantic technology, and this gave a deep insight to RDF, ontologies and GraphDBs behaviour and semantic technology. The training materials, online training an d POCs were excellent. Thanks to Ontotext for giving such a training.Mikhail Reyderman, Software Engineer, Dun BradstreetThe training demonstrates a clear path between flat data sources and a useful knowledge graph.Interested? Go to our training page where you can learn details  or contact the team for specific questions.

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Nike is one of the leaders of sport footwear essayEssay Writing Service

Nike is one of the leaders of sport footwear essayEssay Writing Service Nike is one of the leaders of sport footwear essay Nike is one of the leaders of sport footwear essayNike is one of the largest sport footwear manufacturers in the world. The company holds a strong position in the market and currently Nike is one of the leaders of the world sport footwear industry. The rise of the company as the world leader dates back to the 1990s when the company has just started its international market expansion becoming a sponsor of World Cup of 1994. From that moment on, Nike conducted the aggressive international market expansion policy oriented on the fast entrance of new markets and taking the lead at the local level.At the same time, there were several factors contributing to the overall marketing success of the company. First of all, one of the main conditions of the overall success of Nike’s marketing strategy was the focus on the company on the development and introduction of innovations. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the company invested into the research and development as a strategic direction in its business development. As a result, the company has managed to introduce innovations and outpaced its major rivals taking the lead in the market. In such a situation, the major rivals of Nike, such as Adidas had to keep pace with the progress of Nike and introduce their own innovations to enhance their competitive position in the market. Today, the company continues its marketing strategy oriented on the wider introduction of innovations as the major drivers of sales of the company.Furthermore, the company’s marketing strategy focuses on the sustainability of its products and product development (Ofek Johnson 511). In actuality, sustainability is very important today as a part of the marketing strategy of the company because customers grow more and more concerned about their environment and minimization of the negative impact of human activities on the environment. In addition, the sustainable development of Nike makes its sport footwear more endu rable and environment friendly. As a result, customers prefer safe and environment-friendly products. In such a way, Nike can take a strategic advantage over its rivals offering endurable and environment-friendly products.Furthermore, another important trend in the development of Nike is the growing trend to outsourcing and removal of the production from the US and other well-developed countries to countries of the third world, where the production costs are cheaper due to the available resources and low costs of the labor force in the market. The move of production to developing countries allows Nike to decrease the costs of production and, therefore, the price of its products. Lower price makes products of Nike more competitive and provide customers with the possibility to purchase Nike footwear more frequently and in larger amounts (Riezebos 183). In addition such strategy brings the company considerable savings due to the lower costs of production. As a result, the company can i ncrease its revenues and invest them into the further development of the production and international market expansion.Finally, the company takes the strategic advantage over its rivals due to the marketing strategy applied at the moment. Nike attempts to take the leading position in the marketing conducting aggressive promotional campaign and sponsoring the major sport events, like World Cups.Thus, at the moment, Nike is one of the leaders of sport footwear industry and it can enhance its position in the future even more.

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PHYSICAL PRIVACY Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

PHYSICAL PRIVACY - Coursework Example For our current assignment though, I am going to take one ethical issue that was embedded into that business decision and discuss it in great detail. I will do my best to discover all of the facts that I will need in order to create an informed analysis of this particular ethical issue and make some suggestions pertaining to how the ethical issue may be dealt with by the insurance company prior to it actually becoming an ethical situation that the company has to handle. For this particular assignment, I have chosen to deal with the problem of Agent Honesty when it comes to their treatment of client policies and collection agreements. In order to deal with this problem, the insurance company must first acknowledge the fact that the agents have a strong tendency to commit fraud once they have a non-exclusive partnership with the insurance company. Since they are basically freelancers, they do not answer directly to the company for any of their actions. If an insurance company uses too many independent agents, the possibility of being able to monitor all of their client based actions diminishes. Independent agents prefer having the more limited relationship that their status provides with the company as opposed to an exclusive agent who is bound by more company rules and regulations in terms of ethics. That is why in the case of independent agents, the tendency of the insurance company is to have a narrow and specific view of the agent's business actions. The company will tend to not care too much about the actions of their independent agents without realizing that the unethical actions of the independent agents will have clear ramifications for their company as well in terms of protecting their clients against fraud. It is most likely that not all independent agents are aware of the fact that they are committing fraud in certain instances due to their lack of proper manpower training in terms of insurance sales services. Therefore, it is important that the compan y reiterate the importance of honesty in all their business dealings in order to preserve the image of the company with future clients, and enhance their company image with their existing client base. Agents need to always be ethical and compliant of all government insurance standards. There is no gray area in this matter. Rogue insurance agents can cause the insurance company a sizable amount of fines and potential financial losses through fraud related lawsuits that the company will find itself facing. Considering the lack of company based supervision of independent agents, it would seem more logical for insurance companies to deal with exclusive agents instead since they can have a more personal relationship with these agents whose actions and portfolios are open and easily accessible to the company. Thus making it easier to detect ethical violations at any given time. It is of the utmost importance that insurance companies be highly observant of their independent agent's pattern s of behavior or financial transactions over a period of time. This will help the company sniff out the potential abnormalities in the actions of the agent that could signify that the agent is involved in fraudulent actions against the company clients and the company itself. This can usually be determined by observing the agent's pattern of payment submission to the insurance com